Felony Charges

Internet fraud

Illegal reentry after deportation

A federal drug trafficking charge, a bank robbery charge, or any other federal crime can place you in a serious situation. Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases where a client’s freedom and property are in danger.

Juvenile Crime Attorney

Juvenile law is a completely different system than criminal law. A minor does not have the same Constitutional rights as an adult. There is no jury — only a judge. And there is no requirement for proof “beyond a reasonable doubt.” If your child has been arrested and is facing a juvenile court hearing, talk to a juvenile crime defense lawyer who will make sure your child is not rushed through a juvenile court system and into a juvenile facility.

A Juvenile Crime Attorney can help protect your child

What can an attorney do for your child? An experienced juvenile defense attorney knows the juvenile system and laws well. At our office, we will slow down the system so that there is time to examine what is best for your child. Our lawyers have experience negotiating with judges and prosecutors to reach a resolution that serves the justice system and the minor child.

Our defense attorneys will make sure the court knows and understands your child’s particular circumstances.

  • What led to the arrest?
  • What is the best way to deal with this problem?
  • What sentencing alternatives are available?
  • What is the best, most effective way to resolve this case?
  • Your child’s arrest could be an opportunity to take positive steps instead of incarceration in a state facility. Talk to a juvenile crime defense lawyer and tell him about the situation. Find out what can be done to help your child.

Sex Crimes

Have you been arrested for solicitation? You need a lawyer who can challenge the case against you, defend you, and protect your rights. If you are facing more serious charges such as child molestation or statutory rape, you need a sex crime defense lawyer backed by an experienced legal team. Whatever sex crime charges you are facing, talk to an experienced attorney from our office to know how you ought to proceed with your case.

Fight your sex crime charge. Put our experience to work.

A sex crime conviction can be a problem for years to come, especially if the penalty includes sex offender registration. Don’t take chances with your freedom or your future. Talk to a sex crime attorney as soon as possible.

You may have been enticed or entrapped into a solicitation at a truck stop or on a city street.

Statutory rape:
It is against the law to have sex with a minor, even if it was consensual.

Spousal rape:
If your spouse said no, then you could be charged with spousal rape. It can sometimes be difficult to get to the truth.

Child molestation, child pornography:
The district attorney will prosecute vigorously.

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, call a defense lawyer to protect your future.

Theft and Robbery

If you are convicted of theft, robbery or burglary, you can be facing jail time and a criminal record that may affect future job or educational opportunities. The first step is to call an attorney with experience and a reputation for helping people charged with theft or burglary.

What are the charges against you? We will listen to your story, investigate the case, and recommend the best course of action to you.

  • Did your employer accuse you of stealing?
  • Embezzlement can sometimes be resolved without going to court.
  • Did the police accuse you of possessing stolen goods?
  • We will investigate how they obtained the evidence against you.
  • Have you been accused of a robbery?
  • What is the evidence?

We will help you determine the best option for dealing with the circumstances.

Depending on the case against you, our defense lawyers will fight to have the charges dismissed or reduced. They can also defend you in court or negotiate a sentencing agreement.


Assault and battery are often accompanied with jail time if you are found guilty. If you are facing assault charges, domestic violence charges, or other violent crime charges, you need a defense lawyer who is experienced and responsive. You can count on our attorneys to be there in court with you and to help you through this problem.

Our team of defense lawyers will be on your side.
When you hire an Earl Carter & Associates attorney, our defense team will consult about your case so that you will have the experience of many lawyers on your side.

The team will investigate the case
Our in-house investigators will examine the evidence, review the police reports, and talk to witnesses. Your defense team will have all the facts of the case, including evidence they may uncover.

The team will defend you.
Depending on the facts of the case, we will ask for a dismissal of the charges, work for reduced charges, or negotiate a resolution that protects your freedom and your future as much as possible.

The team will protect your rights. Your assault and battery defense lawyers will protect your rights at all times.
Domestic Violence

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need to take it seriously. The district attorney will take it very seriously. Domestic violence or spousal abuse can include physical assault, sexual assault, or even threat of assault. You need a qualified domestic violence attorney who has the experience and determination to keep you out of jail and to help you put this difficulty in the past.

Arrested for Domestic Violence? Call Today!

We know this is a terrible time for you and your family. With all the confusion, it is hard to get at the truth. Why do you need a lawyer?

This is a serious charge that could mean jail time and mandatory anger management classes.
If convicted, you will have a criminal record.
If convicted, you will be barred from owning a firearm or having one in your possession.
A conviction could affect your access to your home and family.
Your domestic assault case will be in good hands, we have the experience to represent you effectively. We will do everything we can to keep you out of jail. You may not even have to go to court!

Depending on the facts of the case, we will work for a dismissal of all charges or a reduction in charges. No matter what your situation, we will work to limit the damage this arrest has done and can do to you.

We know that being arrested for spousal abuse is embarrassing, but we have helped thousands of people through situations like yours. We can help you. All it takes is a phone call to begin dealing with this difficult situation. Can you afford a lawyer? Yes, you can afford an experienced lawyer from our office. We keep our fees as low as possible in order to help people like you!

When there are disagreements within a family, sometimes those arguments erupt into violence or threats of violence. Even a threat of violence is against the law if the threatened person feels endangered.

What really happened? Knowing the truth of what happened can be difficult. Often domestic abuse involves alcohol or drugs. The people involved often tell completely different stories. Men are six times more likely to be charged. You need an attorney experienced in these cases.

It happens more than you might suspect: Someone made a mistake many years ago, but has lived a lawful, productive life ever since. Unfortunately, that old criminal record restricts job and education opportunities. An expungement lawyer can help you clear your record.

Our expungement attorneys can represent you in federal court or State Court.

You may want to look for a new job. Or you may have an opportunity for a new career, but an old criminal conviction prevents you from getting the necessary license. You may simply want to know that your criminal record is clear.

Felony to misdemeanor:
Did you commit a relatively minor offense years ago that was classified as a felony? We may be able to argue for a change in that criminal record.

Denied Expungement:
Don’t give up. In many cases, we have asked a judge what would be required for an expungement. Then we have a case to go back when those requirements have been met.

Our experienced expungement attorneys know what it takes to apply for expungement. There is no reason to live with the embarrassment and inconvenience of a criminal record if you are eligible for expungement.

Federal Crimes

Many attorneys prefer not to go to federal court. Our federal criminal attorneys are different; our defense attorneys are willing and able to represent clients in federal court cases. They have determination and the experience necessary to offer clients effective legal services for federal crimes.

A Federal Criminal Attorney can represent you. Federal crimes have significant penalties, including long prison sentences and heavy fines. When your property is considered evidence, it can be confiscated. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a federal crime, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer to protect you and your assets.

We keep our fees as low as possible so that you can afford to hire your own attorney. Your defense should be handled by a lawyer experienced in federal crime. Some of the charges that our lawyers defend against are

  • Drug trafficking
  • Bank robbery
  • Armed robbery