Corporate Counsel Programs

Corporate Counsel

We offer three different types of corporate counsel programs to allow for maximum customization and flexibility to meet the varying business needs of any industry and any sized business. These programs range from making a full time attorney available at our client’s business site, to our proprietary Flex-Counsel Program which blends a combination of on-site counsel with off-site and virtual access to the complete resources of our entire firm. Please take some time to consider the details of each plan as provided below to help you decide what will work best for you. Each plan emphasizes different degrees of access, cost savings, and value.

Flex-Counsel Program

This Program is a bridge between having the attorney in your office and the offsite counsel and may be the perfect fit for your business needs. The Flex-Counsel Program is the best value for your money. It guarantees that an attorney will be at your business, on your schedule, a minimum number of days each month ready to provide a set number of billable hours. Plans start at $1,500 per month for a maximum of 2 days on site and a maximum of 10 billable hours per month. Of course, as with all of our programs, we discount our billable rates so that if you need additional work you still save over hiring in house counsel or simply paying by the hour. With plans providing up to 10 days and 50 billable hours per month we are certain that not only will you be able to find the right plan for you, but you will be able to more accurately assess your legal counsel needs and budget accordingly. Please contact our office to discuss your corporate legal counsel needs and help us determine which plan is right for you.

Traditional In-house Corporate Counsel

This program will likely be the most familiar to you. Essentially, we will provide an attorney to your business site or office to meet your in house legal counsel needs. The benefits over employing your own in house counsel are many. Even though you only need one attorney at your office, you are not just hiring one attorney, but are gaining access to an entire law firm. We will handle the employee administration such as benefits and payroll. Also, if you need to quickly increase the involvement of legal counsel, you do not need to search for and pay an expensive outside firm. Clients participating in the In-house Corporate Counsel Program will be able to immediately call upon all the resources available through our firm at discount billing rates. Finally, you will reduce double billing and paying twice when you do need outside legal counsel since this firm can also act as such. Since we are both your in house counsel and your outside legal counsel, you will not need to pay your in house counsel to act as a go between with us.

Full Time In-house Corporate Counsel

This plan starts at $65,000 per year and is payable on a monthly or annual basis. It guarantees that an attorney from our firm will be on site at your designated business location for a maximum of 40 hours per week. This plan is ideal for larger companies that find themselves involving legal counsel in day to day operations.

Part Time In-house Corporate Counsel

This plan starts at $37,500 per year, payable on a monthly or annual basis and guarantees that an attorney will be available for a maximum of 20 hours per week, including on site availability.
Both the Full Time Plan and the Part Time Plan qualify you for the highest tier of discount billing which means that if you need additional time or additional legal support, it won’t break your budget. Call for more details.

Offsite/Virtual In-house Corporate Counsel

This Program gives small to mid-sized businesses looking to have access to legal counsel an affordable, yet quality option. As far as cost savings is concerned, you will not find a better solution. While it does not guarantee that an attorney will be on site, this actually is an advantage to this Program. It offers a substantial cost savings over hiring an in house counsel in that you do not have to provide any office space, computer, benefits, or payroll. The firm will be available upon your demand via phone, internet or in person at your location as necessary. Plans start at $1,000 per month for a maximum of 10 hours per month. This Program has plans that guarantee attorney availability of up to 50 hours per month. Variable discount billing rates apply in accordance with the type of plan you choose, but up to 50% off.

Plan details provided upon request. Discount rates provided along with service agreement proposal.