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You have just been in an accident. You are in pain, out of work, unable to enjoy the activities you normally participate in — and, most stressful of all, extensive and unplanned-for medical bills are rapidly piling up. You contact the other driver’s insurance company, but your claim is minimzed at best — and denied at worst. Insurance companies are savvy, and will do everything in their power to deny a claim.

Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with an insurance company following an auto accident, you are likely to be persistently blocked by one if not all of the following excuses:

  • It was entirely (or mostly) your fault.
  • If it wasn’t your fault, you were not injured.
  • If you were injured, you are either exaggerating or even faking the injury outright.
  • If you aren’t faking or lying, most of your injuries and pain were due to unrelated, pre-existing conditions.
  • If your injuries were new or aggravated by the accident, your claim is simply not worth much.

It isn’t ethical, and it isn’t fair — but the aggressive personal injury attorneys at Randall Phillips are here to help. You shouldn’t have to feel trapped with the emotional, financial, and physical repercussions of an accident caused by somebody else. Call our law offices at 801-917-8500, or contact us online today to arrange a consultation and explore your legal options.

Why Choose Randall Phillips

At the law offices of Randall Phillips, LLC, our attorneys know all about the insurance company’s games and delay tactics. We are thorough, proactive, and aggressive, and our attorneys have gone up against even some of the largest and most litigious insurance agencies. You have already suffered enough — we won’t tolerate an evasive insurance company attempting to make you suffer even more by refusing to pay what you’re rightfully owed. Our attorneys have been practicing law in Utah for over 20 years, and now we can put our experience to work for you.

Why Not Choose One of the “TV Law Firms”?

The “TV law firms” that you see advertising on television or in the subway pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for their TV advertisements. Where does that kind of money come from? One of the main ways the “TV firms” pay this huge cost is to quickly settle their cases for whatever they can get. What does that mean for clients? If a case settles too soon, only the lawyer makes money — the client is stuck with huge medical bills, and/or the client does not get what he or she is legally entitled to.

For example, one individual was suffering from a defective hip implant. This individual retained a “TV law firm,” and once she became their client, she was immediately urged to settle her case for $15,000. Dissatisfied, the client obtained a second opinion from Attorney Phillips. Attorney Phillips advised the client to reject the offer. Eventually, without going to trial, Attorney Phillips’ client was awarded over $200,000 — more than 13 times what the “TV law firm” would have resulted in — and that’s  in addition to costs and attorney’s fees. Each case is different; but as this example demonstrates, you can rest assured that Attorney Phillips will not “quickly” settle your case to pay his expenses.

Also, because of the huge number of cases that the “TV law firms” get from their constant advertising, oftentimes a given client’s case will be handled by a paralegal. While paralegals work very hard, they are not licensed to practice law. When you come to Randall Phillips, your case will be personally handled from start to finish by Attorney Phillips — an attorney with over 20 years of personal injury experience.

What Our Clients Can Expect

At Randall Phillips, we understand that when you come to us for representation from one of our personal injury lawyers, you are already dealing with stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and physical pain. You can expect absolute respect, caring, and empathy from the Law Firm of Randall Phillips. Your calls will be answered by an attorney — not a paralegal. The legal process will be explained fully, so that you are comfortable and confident in your understanding of your case. Your questions will always be answered. Our attorneys will work with your bill collectors, and we will not force you into a settlement.   We will explain all of your options — and leave the final decision to you.

You’ve already suffered enough. You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. Call the law offices of Randall Phillips at 801-917-8500

or contact us online.